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Brand Planning
Activities and Conference Planning
Design Centre
Pavilion/Stand Construction Service
Exhibition Hall/Museum Design and Construction

01Brand Planning

Top planning team in the industry will formulate a unique brand planning scheme including VI system for clients, so as to help the clients to effectively demonstrate their information and realize the objective of the client to build its enterprise image in the short term.
Brand Effect Integrated Marketing Communication
Brand Release and Implementation of PR Activities Planning
Brand Image Advertisement Design

02Activities and Conference Planning

SCHENK has a set of all-dimension comprehensive services system of preliminary scheme planning, activities performance and onsite implementation for clients to choose from. Based on our excellent planning idea, professional analysis, perfect service system and rigorous working attitude, we provide an integrated solution for new product release, purchaser assembly, product itinerant exhibition, etc. to clients. (Attached conference pictures and a line of text description)

03Design Centre

With belief in “pursuit of excellence”, SCHENK International Exhibition has an elite design team with advanced design idea and works with many designers from international design institutes. In SCHENK, we have a group of talented and experienced, senior and outstanding designers, which focuses on quality and innovation, customizes design schemes for various types of clients showing their respective corporate characteristics and establishing accurate brand image.(Attached the exhibition stand design picture of SCHENK)

04Pavilion/Stand Construction Service

SCHENK provides complete and integrated comprehensive services in art planning, exhibition design construction and after-sale for temporary and perpetual large exhibition halls such as museums and memorial halls and the exhibition halls of enterprises and public institutions. We focus on pursuing original design and insist on strict control of quality. With a mission of “Exploring City Culture and Building Corporate Brand”, we have been greatly facilitating the development progress of culture innovative industry by sticking to the principle of “Clients’ Interest First”.

05Exhibition Hall/Museum Design and Construction

For SCHENK, exhibition is more than the gather of people and products, but a communication on frontier trends and a transmission and dialogue on emotion and thinking. Instead of only building up an exhibition stand, we devote ourselves in building a brand for you.

SCHENK International Exhibition is an international enterprise known in the industry for its excellent quality, rigorous attitude and considerate services, and it has established large storage and product bases in Asia, Europe and North America, and has over 200 engineering cooperation partners in the world, which can provide strong support and guarantee to its clients. Besides, SCHENK has an experienced, professional and dutiful construction management team, which can provide high-quality and all-round exhibition stand building services for clients.
By virtue of its good reputation, SCHENK has provided excellent building service for governmental departments and domestic and foreign large enterprises and public institutions, and SCHENK is your truly trustworthy cooperation partner.
(Picture of the grand onsite exhibition stand built for Huawei)